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Criminal Defense

We handle a wide array of criminal offenses, including but not limited to shoplifting, burglary, aggravated assault, armed robbery and forgery. We are concerned with protecting your constitutional rights and have the tenacity to help secure the best outcomes possible.

Traffic / DUI Cases

Representation on traffic violations may be critical if you are facing a traffic violation such as DUI, “hit and run”, driving with a suspended/revoked license or no proof of insurance. Cases involving multiple traffic citations are typically more complex and require.

Divorce, Child Support & Custody

From the management of a complex marital property dispute to an emotionally-charged child custody battle, issues involving family disputes, such as child support, divorce and separation agreements are almost always stressful. Secure a divorce attorney who understands the legal process.

Drug Crimes

Sale of controlled substance, possession, trafficking, and conspiracy to violate Georgia’s Controlled Substance Act are major charges with stiff penalties, especially if you are a recidivist.  We carefully identify and discuss the issues related to your specific needs and criminal history, which are significant issues when facing a drug charge.

Probation & Petitions For Bond

Violation of probation is one of the most common reasons for re-arrest once convicted. As a probationer, you want an attorney who understands the in’s & out’s of probation violations, and who will consider immediately filing petition for bond or meet to discuss the alleged conditions violated and probability of success at the revocation hearing.

Juvenile Delinquency & Deprivation

We are passionate about defending and helping juveniles. An adjudication of delinquency may result from disrupting public schools or fighting or a more serious offense, such as a designated felony, which carries a maximum of 5 years. Representation includes deprivations, petition for termination of parental rights and truancy.

Why Choose The Burgess Law Group?

The Burgess Law Group is a firm known for its fight. Zealous representation of clients is the cornerstone of our business. We provide around-the-clock availability to every client, and regularly update you about your case. When you choose The Burgess Law Group, the first step will be a one-on-one meeting where you will receive undivided attention to your case.

After we discuss the details of your case, we will create a legal strategy for the best outcome for your particular issue. We know that this time in your life may be difficult and that you may have questions that you need to be answered; the Burgess Law Group works hard to make sure that your questions are answered through availability, accountability and aggressive representation of your case. There is no fight too big or too small for the Burgess Law Group. Contact us and let us fight for you.



Aggressive Representation

What’s the first step?

Some legal matters mandate aggressive representation, yet other issues may require more of a personal touch and compassionate advocacy. Regardless of what brought you to our website, you can rely on the Burgess Law Group to provide the help and protection you need for a difficult problem or life-changing event.

Law enforcement authorities in Georgia sentence for many crimes harshly. Convictions for such charges can range anywhere from light misdemeanors to heavy penalties, which may result in costly fines, lengthy jail time, and a permanent criminal record. Getting started is as easy as contacting us via telephone at 912-233-6112 or Schedule a Consultation.


What is the difference between contested…

An uncontested divorce is when both parties agree on “all” terms of the dissolution of the marriage. This means that there is no dispute as to “any” portion of the divorce, including child support, alimony, and/or custody if any of these issues are applicable. A contested divorce exists when there is a dispute to any issue outlined in the complaint for divorce and/or settlement agreement.

What is the difference in the recidivist statute…

Under O.C.G.A. 17-10-70(a), a defendant shall be sentenced to the longest possible sentence but said sentence may be probated or suspended based on the discretion of the court. By contrast, under 17-10-70(c), a defendant who has committed three (3) felonies and subsequently commits a fourth (4), shall serve the maximum possible sentence and shall not be eligible for parole until the maximum sentence has been served.

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